Wedding Guest Book Sizing Tool:

There are several ways to estimate your ideal puzzle size for your wedding or event. It is unusual for clients to need one piece for each guest. More often than not, most guests that attend as couples will only sign a single piece, not sign one each. In addition to find the most economical solution for your wedding puzzle, it is never a good idea to order a puzzle that is too large (and therefore has several unsigned pieces).

Option 1: Let me find a product for you

To help find the best size for your puzzle, enter information into the following fields. This tool will take into account the ratio of singles to couples. If you are unsure what percentage to use, 60-70% couples ratio is usually a good place to start. If you do want one piece for each person, then choose a ratio of 0% when you run the tool.

Enter the total number of expected guests for your event:

Enter the percentage of guests that will attend as couples:

Option 2: I know how many pieces that I want

If you already know how many pieces that you want, enter your desired piece count below: