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How do I submit an image?:

The recommended way to submit a photo or other image for a puzzle, is to submit a quality graphics file to us during the checkout process. If the photo or image is already printed and sent to us, we will scan the original and send it back to you with your order. We will not make the puzzle from an original photo unless explicity told to do so. If you wish to send us printed material, leave the image area blank when customizing your order.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?:

Our lead times fluxuate with the amount of open orders that we have at any given time. WEDDING or event puzzles are produced in the order of EVENT DATE then the date that the order was placed. I receive a high volume of requests concerning lead times for my guestbooks. To help alleviate some concerns please note that I ALWAYS prioritize orders based on the event date as opposed to the order date. Almost half of my orders are submitted less than three weeks before they are needed, and I must constantly adjust my production schedule to accomodate. My primary focus has and always will be to get orders out in time for the wedding, as opposed to any other factor. Therefore, even though your order may be placed before another, if the second order's event date is before yours the second may be produced first.

 At certain times we may have pre-made puzzles in our inventory for you to purchase. These puzzles will offer no personalization and usually will ship within 24 hours. Unless otherwise requested, all orders ship USPS flat rate.

Where will my puzzle be sent?:

You have the option to have it sent to you or your recipient. The only rule is that there can only be one shipping address for each order. If you are ordering mutliple items, and wish to have them sent to mutliple addresses, then each order is to be placed separately. In our opinion, a gift of this nature should be hand delivered by you to the recipient.

What types of puzzles can be personalized?:

Most random cut puzzles can be personalized. Budget Savers, Challengers and pre-made puzzles offer no room for personalization. As always, you will have the option to personalize the label or gift certificate.

Can missing pieces be replaced?: most cases. However, this is a difficult and time consuming process, so it is preferred that you contact us directly to discuss before you send the puzzle in. Most likely you will need to return the entire puzzle to us to recreate the missing piece.

Are gift certificates available?:

Yes. Gift Certificates may be ordered in several denominations and usually will ship out in 24 hours. Perfect for last minute gifts or if you simply want the recipient to design their own puzzle, our gift certificates are crafted as beautifully as our puzzles. Click here for further details.

Is gift wrapping offered as a service?:

Yes, and the best part is that it is free for most orders. (Budget Savers may be wrapped for an additional fee of $9.95) Simply request this service at the time that we contact you to discuss your order.

Do gift certificates expire?

Yes. Gift Certificates are valid for two years from the date of purchase. This expiration date is clearly labelled on the certificate.

How do shipping charges work with gift certificates?

When purchasing a gift certificate, the purchases is responsible for paying the shipping charges for the recipient's future order. Once the recipient redeems their gift certificate, the value of the gift certificate amount being redeemed is deducted from the order amount when shipping is calculated.

What if my order is less than the value of my gift certificate?

You may only redeem a gift certificate up to the value of the total order being placed. Any unused balance will remain available for future orders up until the gift certificate expiration date.

Does my gift certificate have a cash value?

No. Gift certificates may only be used for orders on this website, and may not be redeemed for cash or any other compensation.

How can I check my gift certificate balance?

In the very near future this function will be available through this site. Until then, please reach us via our contact page to check your balance.

What is your refund policy on custom orders?

Once ordered, and payment has been received, we will not issue refunds under most circumstances for any of the following reasons:

  1. Failure to receive your order due to fault of the shipping company selected or any other third party responsible for delivery of the item.
  2. Damage to the product caused by the shipping company selected or any other third party responsible for delivery of the item. We insure every product shipped, and any credit issued will be determined based on the individual insurance policy of the shipping company.
  3. Cancellation of your event once the order has been placed. If production has not begun, we may issue partial credit (in the form of an Anderson Woodcrafts gift certificate), less any incurred expenses, as determined on a case by case basis.
  4. Issues arising from the fault of the customer to provide proper and accurate information, as requested by Anderson Woodcrafts at any time during or after order placement.

Under special circumstances, at our discretion, and on a case by case basis, we may issue full or partial credit for the following instances:

  1. All of our products are handmade, and small mistakes do happen. If you are completly unsatisfied with our product, then contact us to make arrangements.
  2. If we are unable to fufill or ship your order in a timely enough manner to reach its destination by the requested date. This timeliness will be determined as the estimated arrival date that the shipping company provides.
  3. If we fail to use the correct image, names or etc that appear on your order form. Hasn't happened yet, but we are human after all!