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Custom Puzzle Pieces are a great way to add your own personal touch

As it relates to wodden jigsaw puzzles, the term "figural piece" is a generic term to describe any non-traditionally shaped custom puzzle pieces that represents some type of symbolic meaning to the user of the puzzle. Most commonly these figural pieces are names, dates or shapes that truly give a personal touch to the recipient. In my guest book puzzle products the overwhelming favorites are the name of the couple and/or the date of the wedding. Several examples of past figural pieces appear on this page, as well as a list of items that do not always make the best choice for figural pieces. Please note that the samples shown are from blank style puzzles for clarity only. The same figurals are available in most of my photo guest book and traditional puzzles as well.

One important point that i would like to make is that use of these pieces may affect the overall piece of my wedding and event guest books. Not only are the figural pieces themselves usually too small to sign, they may also affect the size of the pieces surrounding them. Though this effect is usually minimal, if piece count of the puzzle that you wish to order is very close to your optimum piece count you may need to consider upgrading to the next largest size.

Keep in mind that the actual image of the custom piece you request isn't printed onto the puzzle....I am only cutting out the image or symbol outline. If you are unsure if your idea will work then ask yourself the following: "If I cut the shape of the symbol out of a plain piece of paper, would another person recognize the shape?"

What usually works:

  • Names and dates
  • Animal shapes (dove, cat, dog dolphin etc...)
  • Miltary and medical symbols
  • Shape of the state where you met
  • Hearts
  • Bride and Groom silhouette (shown above)

What usually doesn't work:

  • Basketballs, baseballs etc... (since final shape is simply a circle)
  • Most food shapes
  • Books (since they just appear to be a rectangle)
  • Any symbol that is difficult to recognize based solely by it's physical shape