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What usually works:

Your choice in the photo used to make your wedding guest book is perhaps the most important decision in the design process. Ideally you want to select a photo that is as high of a resolution as you have available. The best photos are professionally taken engagement photos, or any other high resolution image. A common mistake that is made is sending a "thumbnail" that you received from your photographer. When asking your photographer for a copy of an image it is important that you ask for the full size image.

A good way to estimate the quality of any image is to look at the file size of the image. For full sized Photo Guestbooks it is usually adequate to submit an image that is no less than 1 Megabyte (or 1,000 Kilobytes). For inlaid photo guest books the file size may be a little less than 1 MB, but it is recommended to never submit an image that is less than 500 KB. The image to the right shows how to view an image's file size. This is a typical screen shot that you will see while uploading the photo during the design process. Note that the highlighted file is most likely large enough to produce a quality guest book puzzle. Just remember that for guest book images bigger is always better.

What usually DOESN'T work:

Photos taken from older or low quality cell phones rarely work. It is important to note that most photos taken with these devices are typically no larger than 5"x7". If you are looking to purchase an Inlaid Photo guest book then these photos may work, but they will almost never enlarge to 3 or 4 times its original size.

What are my options if I don't have a single photo that is large enough?

If you don't have an image large enough to make a quality guest book, or you just simply REALLY want to use a lower resolution photo you still have a few options. The Inlaid Photo guest book may be a sensible solution. Images for these guest books are usually no larger than 10"x8", so your lower resolution photo may enlarge just fine. Another popular option is to make a collage of several smaller photos. You will not be able to load more than one photo during the deign process, but if you contact me  I'll be more than happy to design a solution for you. Below are some examples of past collage designs:

Guest Book Puzzle Collage Guest Book Puzzle Collage Guest Book Puzzle Collage