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Traditional Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles:

Random Cut Style:
Custom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
Custom cut pieces available:
Custom Puzzle Pieces

Custom wooden jigsaw puzzles make great gifts for almost any occasion. Birthdays, holidays, and weddings all make perfect opportunities to give these wonderful gifts. Puzzles may be ordered in a traditional grid cut style, or for an added degree of difficulty may be ordered in a random cut style  as shown in the example on the right. If you are looking for a unique guest book idea for your upcoming wedding or event, consider one of my wedding guest book puzzles .

All of my unique puzzles are handcrafted from quality materials, with each piece cut individually. My wooden jigsaw puzzles start with defect free 1/4" plywood which serves as the base of the puzzle. The puzzle's art is then printed on a durable vinyl backed paper and adhered to the plywood using a high quality adhesive, ensuring a reliable and permanent bond. The puzzle blanks are then treated with a finish that defends against damage from moisture, UV light, and smudging. Excluding some guestbook puzzles, a protective finish is also applied to the back of the puzzle for added durability.

Custom shapes, called figural pieces, can be cut into your puzzle to add an extra level of customization to your puzzle. They can be names, dates, symbols or anything that holds significant meaning to the person receiving their heirloom custom puzzle.

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