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Unigue Wedding Ideas: Wedding Guest Book Puzzles are a popular trend!

By:  November 14, 2015

How Wedding Jigsaw Puzzles Help Make Your Wedding Unique:

wedding jigsaw puzzle example

Tired of seeing the same boring guest book at every wedding you go too? Then for your own wedding consider an Andersonwoodcrafts guest book puzzle! Puzzles have increased GREATLY in popularity over the past 5 years, and are a unique wedding idea that is sure to add just one more special touch to your wedding day!

All of my wedding jigsaw puzzles are highly customizable and may feature a photo of the couple to be married, be left blank, or may be a combination of two (shown right). Regardless of the style, all of my wedding and event guest book puzzles are cut into 2"x2" pieces. Pieces on this size are large enough for your guests to sign and even leave a breif message. After the wedding these puzzles can be assembled and framed, or stored away assembled on your anniversary to reminisce about your wedding day!

They are available in three "standard" styles, as well as other unique shapes and styles. In recent years I have been asked to produce wedding jigsaw puzzles in the shapes of states, countries, and monograms. So if you have a unqiue wedding idea of your own, please feel free to Contact Me Today!

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How to order your own wedding jigsaw puzzle:

Ordering a guest book puzzle for your wedding, or as a gift for someone special is made easy by my automated ordering system. Throughout the design process you will be taken through each step one at a time to create your own unique wedding puzzle. The first step will gather basic information about your guest list in order to properly size your puzzle, then walk you through all the custom options available. To learn more about the custom options available, visit the guest book puzzle page. To jump ahead and design your own guest book puzzle, use my design tool shown on the right.

Best wishes, and I look forward to being part of your wedding day!